Dawn, Thank you for the very meaningful remote pranic healing session.  I knew exactly when you began the healing, because I felt something almost like electricity going through my body (a very pleasant sensation, however).  during the session I felt healing taking place at various areas especially my joints, which need healing the most.  The session was very relaxing and yet after it ended I felt so very "alive"!  When I think of your Pranic Healing, Dawn, one key word comes to mind - Heart.  Your healing came from your heart and that makes all the difference.  I would highly recommend.                                                  --  Liz, Atlanta, GA

I have been working with Dawn for 6 months.  I have worked with other coaches in the past and they all had a technique that was helpful.  But when I started working with Dawn it was like a breath of fresh air.  She is much more grounded and to the root of what may have been deep bedded fears or barriers that stood in the way of my success.  All great sessions to help you see for yourself where you could work to bring more success to your life whether at work or in personal life. She gives you tools, suggestions and affirmations that will take your life to another level.  I look forward each week to working with her and within a very short period of time my work life improved, my personal life was more joyous and just my over all outlook on life was improved greatly.  It's amazing how your attitude changes when you can just see situations in a different way with out judgement. Thanks Dawn you are the best!                         -- PM, New Jersey

Working with Dawn has helped me transform my thoughts of who I am and who I want to be.  Dawn is very supportive and caring in her appraoch to help me be accountable in taking the necessary steps to reach my goals.  She has helped me to uncover my inner "Goddess"!                          -- Annonoymous, Atlanta


Dawn has helped me to become a better me. My joint coaching and Pranic Healing session over the past 6 months have been truly tranformative.  She is very easy to talk to and coaching with clarity, insight, positivity and compassion.  I will be forever grateful to Dawn for her empowerment and healing. 

                                                  -- Anonymous, Washington DC

 Dawn really utilizes the tools that she has learned to really help you dive into what you are focusing on working through or creating in your life. Her awareness, sensitivity and courage really make her an outstanding coach. I have greatly benefited from her sessions and thank her greatly for her time in helping me through some dark issues (issues not willing to look at) and having the courage to do so even when I didn't. Go see her today! thank you Dawn!                                                 -- Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

Dawn has done Pranic healing on me several times. I first came to her for a knee injury.  Her intuitive, thoughtful and clear insight along with practical advice has been so helpful to my healing. My knee if much better and Pranic Healing has also cleared blocks so I can go forth with more clarity.  I highly recommend Dawn as a Pranic Healer.                                      -- Annie S.H., Atlanta, GA