Spiritual Coaching

A common theme in my coaching is spiritual development. Even if it is not your exact goal, there is a spiritual under tone to many of my conversations. I am finding that my clients' personal growth and spiritual paths are often interwoven.  

Spiritual development is not the only approach I use, but when needed, having a language for and understanding of the energetic/ spiritual world has been very beneficial.

inspirational quote

I have always been drawn to spiritual things, but I feel as though my spiritual path really began 6 years ago.  Since then I have delved into inspired readings, attended lectures, workshops, classes, etc. My soul is hungry for the clarity and peace of mind that becomes interwoven into your life while on your spiritual path.

I used to think that spirituality lead to a perfect life, free from struggles and pain. But I have come to understand that a spiritual life is one of awareness and clarity. When you see life clearly, you can make good choices and progress in a way that feels good. Thinking clearly, feeling good and having a positive influence on the world around me is my ultimate goal.

I continue to make mistakes, stumble and fall, get up and try again. But I am aware of the journey, I am aware of the process, I am aware of the lessons and growth along the way.  

I believe there is balance in the universe. From mud grows the lotus flower. From pain comes strength. From darkness comes light. Often what seems like the biggest and worst parts of our lives, also holds our greatest gifts.

When wanted or needed, I can bring this understanding and perspective to my coaching.