What is Pranic Healing? 

master choa kok sui

Pranic Healing, founded by Master Choa Kok Sui, is a highly evolved and tested system of healing that uses prana (life force) to balance the energy body.  It is simple but powerful no-touch healing system that has its foundation on the premise that the body can heal itself.  This process is accelerated by cleansing and increasing life force where needed.

Some possible benefits of Pranic Healing:

  • Help with physical, emotional or psychological issues. 
  • Help with unwanted, disturbed thoughts and worries.
  • Lessen stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Body sculpting for weight loss and energetic facials/face lifts.
  • Safe for children and animals.

I am a certified associate Pranic Healer by the Center for Inner Studies. I offer 1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions. Atlanta pranic healing sessions can be done in person or remotely. Please contact me for appointment.

CBS coverage about Pranic Healing:


Kirlian Photography before and after Pranic Healing:

kirlian photography
kirlian photography

More Information on the science behind Pranic Healing Research Institute: