Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition has become a happy obsession in my life. I've always eaten healthy, but in the past 7 or 8 years I have taken it to a whole new level! The interesting part is that is has continued to morph and change, as I have morphed and changed in many ways. This is nutrition beyond organic, beyond whole foods. This is a kind of nutrition that feeds the brain, nourishes the soul, speaks to your individual body type. Our wisdom is within and our body speaks to us. A conversation on food and well being is one that I love having!

I have learned many styles and types of eating over the years and realized that not one of them fit perfectly into my life. But I have combined several to create a lifestyle that feels good and is nourishing to my individual body. Most importantly, I've continuously engaged in the conversation with my body to become familiar with what I need and when.

As a life coach in Atlanta, I am excited and happy to bring this insight and knowledge to hold space and embark on your individual journey into physical, emotional and nutritional well- being!