Bring Meditation and Mindfulness to the Workplace

Experience why many Fortune 500 companies are offering meditation and mindfulness classes at the workplace.  Top CEO's are sharing how their meditation practice has made them better leaders, improved their focus, increased their overall health and improved their mental clarity.

Why should you bring Meditation on Twin Hearts into your workplace?

meditation on twin hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a very effective 20 - minute guided meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui. The meditation has been studied by doctors showing evidence of increase in a sense of inner peace, physical relaxation, and uniquely an increase in gamma brain waives which contributes to increased clarity, focus and productivity.

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Options for introducing meditation at your workplace:

Whether your business is large or small, your employees can benefit from Meditation on Twin Hearts!  

  • Meditation in the workplace

    • 1 hour - 20 minute talk on stress reducing techniques, breathing to calm the emotions and facilitation of the guided 20 min. meditation.

    • 2 hours - 1 hour discussion on how mind fullness and meditation can help facilitate a more balanced and enhanced life experience. Followed by a 20 minute guided meditation.

  • On-going facilitation of meditation on a regular basis - please contact me to discuss

  • Corporate class on Basic Pranic Healing.

    • If you have a group who would like to engage in a two day workshop to learn about energy and how it can be applied to our modern life, please contact me directly for more details!

    • More details on the basic class click here.